Quad / Pedal car update

I have now entered on my phone’s calendar to post on WordPress so I don’t forget!

I’m working on the back wheels being supported by the chassis and have 2 different ideas on how to carry out my plan:

1) use a 1/2″ steel rod with 2 flange bearings ( on each side of the pedal car / quad) and 1 block bearing holding the center portion of the rod .

2) use a 1″ round steel tube that would be held by 1 block bearing (via the chassis) with bolts going through the hubs of the wheels .

Here’s an update on what I’m discovering: https://youtu.be/zjjYZEx3o_E


Quadracycle after trike efforts

I had an epiphany as I rode my electric bike, that there are many potholes in NYC, and as a result of having a wheel in the middle of the vehicle would be detrimental to the trike. Fear for timer I am now working on making a quad cycle. I want the back wheels to act as protection, so the quadracycle maybe a little shorter in length. He is here’s what happened since I last posted:

I was looking for ways to network since I’m not social media savvy to let people know I wanted to hold trike building competitions to make the trike better. I figure if I ride around with the trike/quad that would pique people’s interest. I haven’t been able to create that buzz. Will a Quadracycle allow the buzz to start?

A switch to xyz steering

So I finally figured out that all I needed were plastic washers for my steering! According to the blueprint for the xyz spaceframe trike, “self lubricating” plastic washers are necessary. I have looked for that for maybe 2 years to no avail. So, plastic washers with grease it is (finally)!

When I found out about the plastic washers, I knew I had to change my steering system. I said to myself why not go with the xyz steering since I know it works. Man, that thing is hard labor! If you don’t have all the holes lined up, you are in for a lotta work! Yesterday, I spent 2.5 hours finally getting the steering squares away ( not including the other few hours- maybe totaling 8-12 hours just to get the steering ) and man was it strenuous! The square tubes for one side aren’t lined up correct, but I’m calling it done! I knew the xyz spaceframe was tons of work and that’s why I wanted to steer clear of it! But, the system does work and is sturdy.


20181006_233135.jpgstay tuned…

The blueprint is here!

I have compiled some pictures below  that can help you to see things that may not be visible or available in the YouTube video (video is below). This is not a super meticulous diagram, this is a blueprint to help guide you to build a trike. You are free to make a detailed diagram, just let me know if you do!


Thanks for reading and watching!


1_New Doc 2018-09-01_2

The People’s trike

I have to make the art piece complete… because I obsess and keep tinkering with the trike here and there, and it’ll never be done, which I think working on the trike may be a lifetime pursuit. I want to call it quits on this one, but I want to switch out the wheels to 20 inches… (Just not now).

Here’s the “complete” version via YouTube. Enjoy!

Working on stable trike


I have the trike up and “running” (albeit it doesn’t feel safe…). The back of the trike wobbles and I have a theory to fix it which I mention in the video below. I have tested my 1.5AH batteries and it works, just for a short amount of time (maybe 10-20 mins). Turning the trike feels scary as the trike has to be slowed to about 2 mph to not flip over. I think this is because of the size of the wheels. I may have someone make me another in the future that has 20″ front wheels and a 24″ back wheel. 20″ front wheels seem ideal. Once this trike is done, I want to have people compete to make my prototype better (cash prizes for top 3!), that’s why I intend on having someone make my next trike.


Here’s the video I mentioned earlier:

Here’s a sneak peek of the trike in action:



E trike is coming to fruition!

I finally got another pair of 24v drill batteries from Lowe’s . I was planning on putting the new 1.5Ah together with the 4Ah batteries. The problem is I don’t want to solder them together. I was looking into Vruzend and Battery Blocs. I’m not sure about using their products yet as I may just use the kobalt batteries and test their range (the 1.5Ah battery).

Here’s a video showing that the 2 24v 1.5Ah batteries powered the 48v 1000w hub motor. The batteries were half charged!