The Porgy Trike!

As promised, I have posted pictures of an enclosed electric tricycle that has the appearance of a fish. Nature is usually implemented into vehicles (such as motorcycles which appear to me like grasshoppers, but I haven’t seen a motorcycle model named grasshopper to this day…). The VW Beetle has the name beetle, but it doesn’t fully take on the shape of a beetle. There is a bit of a resemblance with the beetle car and beetle bug in my opinion, but for the Porgy Trike I just took off the tail of this Porgy Tricycle. I couldn’t fully implement the shape as that would not allow for the side view mirrors to be effective, and therefore had to give it a slim look. Please note that the side window can be moved horizontally in order to utilize wind instead of air conditioning. The doors and the windows are alike, as the doors would move like a van door opens (by pushing out and pulling back), while the windows are pulled in and pushed back (This is shown in the last picture). Please also note that the windows are not totally transparent so that interested parties can enjoy the aesthetics of the exterior. Notice that there is a reflector on the front and back of the trike to make it “conspicuous” to other vehicles while on the road.

PS. Please accept my two apologies:  1) I mentioned in an earlier post that I would have two trikes ready for view (Porgy and King Cobra). I have to work on the King Cobra model. The King Cobra model I plan on having complete by the end of August. 2) In my earlier posts I may have confused some as I mention “bike” and not “trike”. This is due to my previous bike model. I was working before my trike models on a bike model, but noticed it wouldn’t hold up (literally and figuratively).


porgy 1_4 5 front view high render2_reflector porgy 1_3 4 high renderporgy 1_3 4 rear_high renderporgy 1_door and window opened_ high render2


Measurements of EET

As promised, I have provided the measurements below for those interested in making this Enclosed Electric Trike (EET) before me. Remember that this isn’t patented so that it is like an “open sourced” build for anyone to alter as they see fit, albeit giving credit where credit is due and keeping the trike within safety guidelines.

The first picture shows the measurements of the exterior of the trike. The second picture is an interior side shot to help with measurements. As stated before, the measurements can be changed, and so can items, as long as the necessary parts are contained within.

In picture 2, the chair should have some sort of seat belt for safety purposes. Notice the hidden trike chain and its mechanisms are hidden within a covering. The 1 1/2 feet device is the “dashboard” of the tricycle. I was looking at AC/heater wall units and this idea of a standing dashboard with an AC/heater seems very possible.

The third picture shows a top view of the interior. I would like to point out the side view mirrors are 3.6 inches long. The battery has a neon green highlight around it and is 1 4/5 feet long. I have two ideas for the battery: either there are mini battery packs within the large battery pack, or the battery is one big pack. Either way, the battery should be removable and rechargable. The width of the EET is 3 feet from sideview mirror to sideview mirror. The rest of the measurements should be obvious, if not, please feel free to contact me.

side shot w_meas side shot_int_w meas top shot_int_w meas

The interior of EET

I have provided pictures of the interior of the trike to document the fact that the idea originated from me as well as assist anyone who may be interested in using this concept trike. I’m looking to have this made within the next couple of years if possible.

The first picture is a shot of the Electric Enclosed Trike with the wall and door removed. There is another angled shot below that assists with the side shot. Notice that the trike chain runs from the front to the back of the trike which allows for human power movement. There is also to be an electric assist part so that the triker can be helped along hills and whatever other need. The trike is able to function only using the electric portion as well. I have the trike chain covered to keep it from getting in contact with any clothing or item that may be within the trike. It also secures the trike chain. I’m not sure if the protection covering can run the length of the trike with just one portion being held at the back, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. Under the seat there is two dark gray bars on a light gray plate which allow the seat to be adjusted forward or backward according to the need of the triker.

The battery is behind the seat being held up by a structure and fits the lower portion of the trike internally. I have given it this much area to ensure that the trike can be powered electrically in regards to movement and as well as with air conditioning (by conditioning I mean hot and cold). The battery takes up about the whole back of the trike horizontally. The rear wheels are covered with cylindrical guards to guarantee protection from street debris as well as heat from the tires. As can be viewed from the side shot, notice there is much space for storage. I will briefly give the dimensions, but plan on following up with specifics. There is approximately 3 square feet of storage space for items. The trike is about 8 feet long, 3 feet wide (ensuring that it fits within the bike lane), and 4 1/2 feet high. The tires are 12 inches. I tried to keep the design as simple as possible for duplication and for economic purposes. Let me know your opinions, thoughts, views and concerns.

interior side shot

interior angle shot

Board interface of EET

The attached picture shows what the “dashboard” of the trike would look like (picture 2). The overall look is green since it’s supposed to be environment friendly. It can be whatever color one prefers. The point is that these things (AC/heater, knobs and displays) should be apparent on the dashboard for a rider. I put the max MPH (miles per hour) of 19 as that is the top speed the trike should reach. There are “nozzles” for the AC/heater to enjoy the comforts of the electric trike. There are knobs to turn on and off the AC/heater as well as regulating how high or low the AC/heater would provide air. I have also provided a picture of the back of the trike. I have reflectors on the front and back of the trike (the front reflector is at the base of the windshield (white), while the back reflector is at the back of the trike(red)). There are bars on the frame of the trike in order to make the trike have a feel of a non enclosed trike where the exterior bars are evident to passers by. The door of the trike is like a van door, and should be able to be locked when a triker is inside or outside of the trike. Once the trike is created, the next goal would be to make it available for a very low cost (~$2000). I believe this is a very economical price as there are currently electric trikes that sell for 2-3 times this amount. The next goal would be to have them available for public use in parking garages around NYC. The cost per rental a day would be cheaper than the Citibike. I have other designs for the enclosed electric trike such as the “Porgy” and the “King Cobra” that I plan on releasing later within the next two weeks.

Notice the green "dashboard". Notice the protrusions from the board are the AC/heater and the knobs to control the AC/heater.

Notice the green “dashboard”. Notice the protrusions from the board are the AC/heater and the knobs to control the AC/heater.


The battery is showing 98%. The odometer is showing 10,000 miles! And the already mentioned 19 MPH is the max speed of the trike.

The battery is showing 98%. The odometer is showing 10,000 miles! And the already mentioned 19 MPH is the max speed of the trike.

Electric bikes in NY are illegal…

This doesn’t deter me from trying to have electric trikes on the streets of New York. I read that electric bikes are considered illegal if they are not registered with the State of NY. The simple solution would be to get them registered with the State of NY! I may be the first one to get this enclosed electric trike up and running in NY, but do I have any bidders for another state who want specifications for the trike? Remember, you can use my idea, just give me credit that it’s my design and feel free to customize or even make the design better. I have been tweaking the look of the trike via blender (a free 3d modeling program) and the only thing that I’m not sure about is how to make the door slide out like a van.

Does anyone have interior open door van pics so I can improve on my idea?

I was thinking of making a small scale model, but that’s not possible as I plan on having a small AC/heater right behind the handle bars. I wouldn’t be able to replicate a model that small unless it is just a design and not a functioning AC/heater.


The idea hasn’t come to completion…

Hello. I just wanted to relay my new passion: electric enclosed transportation. I have seen many different attempts at it, whether it is 2 wheels, 3 or even 4 wheels, but none have come to what I have desired. I plan on having a fully enclosed electric tricycle that is protective against the elements, and doesn’t have you soaked by the time you get to your destination (ie via sweating). The idea is to have the trike’s design freely available to those who want to customize their own, or improve on my design. I was inspired by freeware, and by the GPL of freeware. GPL stands for the General Public License which allows someone to download and customize a program/software and just relay the original source of the work and include the GPL within the software’s files. This customized work can be sold for profit. Inspired by that, I plan on speaking of my progression and am looking to speak to people who are already in the arena of bicycle/tricycle development or are bicycle/tricycle enthusiasts to see if this concept is feasible for mass use.

Stay tuned…

This is the concept trike that I look forward to bringing to fruition.

This is the concept trike that I look forward to bringing to fruition.