Electric bikes in NY are illegal…

This doesn’t deter me from trying to have electric trikes on the streets of New York. I read that electric bikes are considered illegal if they are not registered with the State of NY. The simple solution would be to get them registered with the State of NY! I may be the first one to get this enclosed electric trike up and running in NY, but do I have any bidders for another state who want specifications for the trike? Remember, you can use my idea, just give me credit that it’s my design and feel free to customize or even make the design better. I have been tweaking the look of the trike via blender (a free 3d modeling program) and the only thing that I’m not sure about is how to make the door slide out like a van.

Does anyone have interior open door van pics so I can improve on my idea?

I was thinking of making a small scale model, but that’s not possible as I plan on having a small AC/heater right behind the handle bars. I wouldn’t be able to replicate a model that small unless it is just a design and not a functioning AC/heater.



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