The interior of EET

I have provided pictures of the interior of the trike to document the fact that the idea originated from me as well as assist anyone who may be interested in using this concept trike. I’m looking to have this made within the next couple of years if possible.

The first picture is a shot of the Electric Enclosed Trike with the wall and door removed. There is another angled shot below that assists with the side shot. Notice that the trike chain runs from the front to the back of the trike which allows for human power movement. There is also to be an electric assist part so that the triker can be helped along hills and whatever other need. The trike is able to function only using the electric portion as well. I have the trike chain covered to keep it from getting in contact with any clothing or item that may be within the trike. It also secures the trike chain. I’m not sure if the protection covering can run the length of the trike with just one portion being held at the back, but it’s aesthetically pleasing. Under the seat there is two dark gray bars on a light gray plate which allow the seat to be adjusted forward or backward according to the need of the triker.

The battery is behind the seat being held up by a structure and fits the lower portion of the trike internally. I have given it this much area to ensure that the trike can be powered electrically in regards to movement and as well as with air conditioning (by conditioning I mean hot and cold). The battery takes up about the whole back of the trike horizontally. The rear wheels are covered with cylindrical guards to guarantee protection from street debris as well as heat from the tires. As can be viewed from the side shot, notice there is much space for storage. I will briefly give the dimensions, but plan on following up with specifics. There is approximately 3 square feet of storage space for items. The trike is about 8 feet long, 3 feet wide (ensuring that it fits within the bike lane), and 4 1/2 feet high. The tires are 12 inches. I tried to keep the design as simple as possible for duplication and for economic purposes. Let me know your opinions, thoughts, views and concerns.

interior side shot

interior angle shot


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