Measurements of EET

As promised, I have provided the measurements below for those interested in making this Enclosed Electric Trike (EET) before me. Remember that this isn’t patented so that it is like an “open sourced” build for anyone to alter as they see fit, albeit giving credit where credit is due and keeping the trike within safety guidelines.

The first picture shows the measurements of the exterior of the trike. The second picture is an interior side shot to help with measurements. As stated before, the measurements can be changed, and so can items, as long as the necessary parts are contained within.

In picture 2, the chair should have some sort of seat belt for safety purposes. Notice the hidden trike chain and its mechanisms are hidden within a covering. The 1 1/2 feet device is the “dashboard” of the tricycle. I was looking at AC/heater wall units and this idea of a standing dashboard with an AC/heater seems very possible.

The third picture shows a top view of the interior. I would like to point out the side view mirrors are 3.6 inches long. The battery has a neon green highlight around it and is 1 4/5 feet long. I have two ideas for the battery: either there are mini battery packs within the large battery pack, or the battery is one big pack. Either way, the battery should be removable and rechargable. The width of the EET is 3 feet from sideview mirror to sideview mirror. The rest of the measurements should be obvious, if not, please feel free to contact me.

side shot w_meas side shot_int_w meas top shot_int_w meas


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