The Porgy Trike!

As promised, I have posted pictures of an enclosed electric tricycle that has the appearance of a fish. Nature is usually implemented into vehicles (such as motorcycles which appear to me like grasshoppers, but I haven’t seen a motorcycle model named grasshopper to this day…). The VW Beetle has the name beetle, but it doesn’t fully take on the shape of a beetle. There is a bit of a resemblance with the beetle car and beetle bug in my opinion, but for the Porgy Trike I just took off the tail of this Porgy Tricycle. I couldn’t fully implement the shape as that would not allow for the side view mirrors to be effective, and therefore had to give it a slim look. Please note that the side window can be moved horizontally in order to utilize wind instead of air conditioning. The doors and the windows are alike, as the doors would move like a van door opens (by pushing out and pulling back), while the windows are pulled in and pushed back (This is shown in the last picture). Please also note that the windows are not totally transparent so that interested parties can enjoy the aesthetics of the exterior. Notice that there is a reflector on the front and back of the trike to make it “conspicuous” to other vehicles while on the road.

PS. Please accept my two apologies:  1) I mentioned in an earlier post that I would have two trikes ready for view (Porgy and King Cobra). I have to work on the King Cobra model. The King Cobra model I plan on having complete by the end of August. 2) In my earlier posts I may have confused some as I mention “bike” and not “trike”. This is due to my previous bike model. I was working before my trike models on a bike model, but noticed it wouldn’t hold up (literally and figuratively).


porgy 1_4 5 front view high render2_reflector porgy 1_3 4 high renderporgy 1_3 4 rear_high renderporgy 1_door and window opened_ high render2


2 thoughts on “The Porgy Trike!

  1. Steve,
    Got your linked in update which brought me here. Good to see the concept in form. Reminds me of a Twike (have u seen the new contoured one?) or more like the Organic Transit Elf. Have u seen this thing? Moderately priced at $3,900, an accessible design (u could see yourself reproducing) -has perpendicular panels like yours but in a aesthetic egg shape, and velcro & solar panels are involved w the electric assist. Weighs 95lbs.
    What did u think of Lit Motors C1? Yes, more like a motorcycle with its weight & capability. Having a floor gyro enables stability minus the 3rd wheel. .. things to consider. Still, my favorite is the Etracer enclosed cabin cycle, as it looks like the Tron bike. There are some velomobiles like the you might also consider.
    Just for fun, check out Acabion and Litestar /Pulse.
    In the quest for personal, sensible, & efficient mobility, it’s great to learn the precedent lessons of those who have gone before.



    1. Thanks Phil. Twike, Acabion, Litestar I haven’t heard of before. The others I’m familiar with. There are differences between the ideas you presented, but my idea stands out in that i t’s a fully enclosed commuter and payload carrying trike that has handlebars with electric assist that has a max speed of 19mph, with the “frame” showing outside of the shell. (I tried to make it succinct, let me know your thoughts).


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