On to a new design…

Hello. I was trying to make a king cobra design that has proven quite difficult. I wanted to emulate the flaring of the skin at the sides of the head. I also wanted to emulate the snake coiling without actually making the bike coil up. That has proven arduous. I was thinking to make the coiling abstract while making the trike look like a king cobra. After a few failed attempts, I decided to make a horse design (I noticed that one of my designs started to look like a horse, and therefore let creativity run its course). I am still working on the horse design, and it is proving to be a task as well. 

I plan on trying to finish the horse design by the end of August. Also, I was trying to figure out a way to make the frame of the trike look like an exoskeleton so that true bikers still have that feeling of showing off their frame. I was thinking practically that this may not be the best route, as water and snow build up may occur between the crevices of the frame. Sometimes being different isn’t the best route. I plan on seeing if I can implement something that allows for the frame to be on the outside (or perhaps thin pieces of metal strips on the outside instead of the frame). 

Feel free to add your two cents!


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