The idea has existed, yet not perfected…

Hello all! I noticed that Luca Comba almost has my idea in totality! Great job Luca! A few things he is missing are the AC/heater, doors, and a floor for the trike. You can Youtube it to see his idea (put Luca Comba electric bike in the search). He is selling them as per the Youtube video, but I don’t know if he is still in production. I believe he is located in Italy. I was thinking of something close to that design, but I couldn’t see it and so I abandon that idea. In NY, the bike lanes are close to 5 feet in width, and his bike looks around 3-5 feet wide.

I am working on making an enclosed electric trike that can be brought into one’s apartment (around 28 inches wide and around 6 feet long). I first plan on posting the horse trike design that I relayed would be completed by the end of the month. I may post a few more times relaying ideas prior to that horse trike post. I also did a price check with a bike shop in lower Manhattan and the bike shop personnel stated that the shell itself would cost $2000- $2500. That’s not even including the wheels ! I would need to find a cheaper price for the shell since I’m trying to have the bike produced for $2000 ultimately. I may have to have parts shipped from Asia…




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