Status update

I have been battling over which design to use for the trike. I had decided first on the Delta trike. After further review, it looked like the tadpole trike was the better design. After seeing that I needed a tie rod to turn or steer the wheels, I reverted back to the Delta trike. the problem becomes in getting the bike assembled, as I didn’t want to weld any parts together, but use nuts and bolts. This is proving to be a very difficult task, As I am struggling with finding a way to bolt down the wheels to a pole. Also, I need to find a way to drill holes into the frame and attach with nuts and bolts. Ultimately, the trike is supposed to fold up somehow. I have drawings of the frame that I wanted, and even showing the bike folded up, but at the moment it doesn’t seem feasible to do the design using nuts and bolts. I was going to post a picture,but at the moment don’t feel it’s necessary.

Stay tuned …