I’m still working on it…


In my desperate attempt at completing my trike, I’ve had many snags… I wanted to make a delta trike, which I thought would be ideal since I wouldn’t have to work on a tie rod like with the tadpole trikes. After cutting a piece of conduit tubing, I noticed that if I wet the conduit, it would become extremely malleable. I thought to myself if that thing bends like that, it wouldn’t help my idea of putting a hole in the handlebar’s body! Feel free to follow up for details.

I then tried to figure out a way for me to make a tadpole trike and be able to do so without welding (or brazing). It’s proving extremely difficult. I have a 3d modeling program (Blender) that I use as a reference since I can’t see the 3d trike I want to make in my head. It looked fine from there till I tried with the real materials and noticed that my measurements were off. I may have to go with another idea if the below pic is not feasible. Note that the slotted angles (purple and true blue L planes) are supposed to allow for 1)support for holding the wheels and 2)turning of wheels. I may have to find a way to bend metal without spending money for a metal bender. Here’s a pic of what I’m working on. Let me know if there’s something I can fix…trike pic

After watching many velomobile videos, I don’t think the look of the trike matters. Once the body hides the frame, I would be all set and it allows for mass development of the trikes.


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