Another failed attempt

failed attempt at frame

failed attempt at frame


The picture is a try at a trike that I assembled that didn’t work. The frame was 3/4 inch diameter (the long singular frame) and 5 feet long. I had another 3/4 inch diameter right underneath (indicated with three dark holes ) the main frame attached via bolts and nuts. The length of main frame pipe is 5 feet. The pipe/conduit underneath was around 17 inches with the same 3/4 diameter. Please note the pic is sideways. The right side of the pic is the front of the trike, and the left side is the back. My idea was to have the back of the trike act as an IF Mode folding bike ( with the back wheel on one side of the trike. The wheel was too heavy for the frame. I’m thinking if the frame were 1 inch diameter that the wheel would’ve held up. I plan on making another frame that is 1 inch diameter that is bent 90 degrees at the back to hold up the back wheel. I plan on making 1 or 2 more designs before taking another attempt at physically assembling another trike, since I had another failed attempt after the pic above. On the second failed attempt, I couldn’t get the back wheel to be stable, it would continue to rotate along with the rest of the frame.

**Please note that I’m using EMT conduit for this trike, and don’t plan on welding (only nuts and bolts). I plan on making bends in the conduits where necessary in order to have a trike that doesn’t need welding or brazing.**


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