80% complete for prototype!

First, I have to thank all the Youtubers who have made homemade vehicles/transportation devices/ bike speed/movement additions! Last week I saw a drill powered go kart of sorts that was using an idea of mine! Great minds think alike! I also saw something to make an ebike kit without paying over $500 for just the kit. I saw another video that assisted me with weight distribution for my trike/quad. I have been doing a lot of research, but the research must continue in order to make sure I have the best product made available to the public for free! 😉

I have taken pics of the quad that I have to finish working on. I am fascinated by recumbents and would enjoy purchasing many different models, but the problem becomes that I don’t have tons of money in order to do so, nor do I have the space. Therefore my plan is to make a very cost effective recumbent for the masses that can fit in a New York apartment. Real estate is expensive in NY. Whoever wants to improve on my design is free to do so, but just mention it was from my design (if applicable).

From the pics you can see that the quad is able to stand on its own. I have to lock the back tires, as the steel rod is the only thing that is holding the wheels up, but the wheels aren’t secured. The front wheels (with the 90 degree elbows) are more secure than the back wheels. I plan on putting a jon boat seat on (I saw a video for cheap seats on Youtube, the jon boat seat isn’t (~$30)).

I plan on putting two pieces of conduit (EMT conduit is what the entire quad is made up of) on the sides where the seat is going to go, one piece on each side. I learned that the weight of the quad can be distributed from the pole from Drie Wiel (on Youtube) as Wiel made a trike from square tubing. The main frame had 2 pieces of square tubing on the sides for the back wheel. I also learned from hard experience that it’s better to use square tubing. The question I have to find the answer to now is can I connect a 90 degree elbow to square tubing.

I also made have to get pneumatic tires since the tires I have (20 inches) are heavy and pull the conduit down. Ultimately the trike/quad is to be foldable/detachable/easy to hang (ie make it an art piece)/or rest on the wall (like an art piece) as well as lightweight.

Feel free to comment! (Please see comment I left on 8.10.15)

side view of quad

sec side view of quad

Notice the little lean of the backwheels.

top view of quad


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