Back to chronicling!

So I have been working feverishly on finishing my prototype. I plan on putting a Youtube video together and thanking all of those who I looked to for help. I may even list them here at a future date.

The trike is close to being in the finishing stages. I’m going to state what happened recently, and some tidbits for mechanical help.


I’m using square tubes in order to make a frame (1 inch). I have a very bad drill (that’s borrowed heheh) that I won’t name to stay out of trouble for now… After eight holes, the drill needs to be recharged. This is delaying me from being finished in my opinion. Measuring also consumes a lot of time, and getting the right measurements the first time is crucial when making a cut or a hole.

Tidbit 1- Using a c- clamp to hold down the square tube can allow you to use a handsaw/hacksaw to cut the metal quickly or drill holes.

Tidbit 2- Making a small hole before making a big hole with a drill is better.

Tidbit 3- Apply pressure slowly to the drill, and don’t rush!

Tidbit 4- work on changing the chemical composition of steel when drilling! (I like to pour cold water after making a dent or incision on the steel. It helps to penetrate faster. I just learned a new trick! I put the steel round tube over the stove and let it get a “black oxide” look and run cold water on it. This allowed for me to drill through with ease!)

I was trying to use 1 inch steel 90 degree elbows to have the wheels turn, but I noticed that the elbow is not “one” with the frame. I had to make an adjustment with the steering (and was inspired by the XYZ spaceframe trike). Now I’m trying to use 1/2 inch round tubes to hold 1 inch square tubes that are supposed to shift the wheels. The wheel is supposed to be held by the aluminum square tube. The wheel is held by a 3/8 steel rod. I had to make the steering portion fit my frame since I didn’t copy their frame (XYZ). I’m using a foldable table that I poked a hole in and even a drill block to make “straight” holes. I clamp metal down to the foldable table to make cuts or holes.

More to come!


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