Free wood!

Alright! So I went to a place in Richmond Hill (Queens, NY) to get some free wood from an ad I had seen on Craigslist. There was tons of wood! I was looking for a few pieces (which I got). There was a guy there who was extremely helpful (Tadas) and he mentioned when I found my wood and needed cuts, to let him know. The location is 130-23 91st Ave. He said I could tell people about it, so feel free to get your wood! He cut several pieces for me, and I was on my way via public transportation (I took the E train to Jamaica Van Wyck to get there).

Now home with my wood, I had to figure out how to attach it to the seat and then to the main frame of the trike. After tons of measuring, it appears drilling nails into the wood proved a problem… I drilled “test” nails in to line it up with the seat. So I put the wood under the seat, and drilled the nails up, so the area to sit had the sharp points of the nail protruding. I was planning on taking these nails out after drilling the correct way, but the nail’s head got smudged so I couldn’t take out the nail! So I just drilled in nails the correct way! Even still one of the nails wouldn’t go all the way through the seat and wood! This was a severely straining process. I just put a pillow over the seat now to see if my concept works. I still have to put handles on. I was thinking of using the wood, but am thinking it may snap if I put one piece of wood for handles. If I put more than one piece, then it may make the front too heavy. If I use wood and metal, it may still be too heavy. Then I was thinking the handle must be round since I have to put the throttle on from the Razor Scooter. It (the handlebar) must be on the outside of the frame, next to the wheel.

I recently had a dream that my trike had pedals on them and I was riding through a city. It was an encouraging dream, albeit I don’t plan on putting pedals on the trike. I am interested in the concept of having pedals, but the pedals would have to do more work then I’m entering. For example, for every revolution that I complete, the pedals would output 4 – 8 revolutions, so that the ratio would be 1:8 (ideally). I know this technology must exist out there, I just have to find it…


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