Working on making coroplast frame and recent incidents…

I’m getting excited that I’m getting closer to finishing my trike. There are so many resources that I’m finding that it’s unbelievable!

Here are a few:,,,, and

Who would’ve believed (I couldn’t!) that the websites referencing the above would have the names of the things I was searching for! With that aside, I noticed that people were making coroplast shells (to be protected from the elements) from recumbent trikes that already exist. I haven’t bought or found a recumbent trike that already exists, but I wanted to copy techniques that were used so I can make a shell for mine. I have a 3d modeling program called “Blender” and I came across a snag: I need to somehow allow space for the front wheels to turn, but not leave gaping holes so I can ride in the winter and be protected from the elements.

Right now I’m waiting for an aluminum tube to come in so I can have the front wheel bear sustainable weight so that the wheels don’t break off like last time! So let me tell you what I was told about ordering (I won’t say the company to keep them from embarrassment): I called on a Friday morning (the order was placed on Tuesday) and asked about the shipment coming in since I had it sent to the store. I was asked why didn’t I call on Wednesday. Then I was told I should come into the store if I wanted to place an online order?!?!? I was ultimately told it takes two weeks for a delivery (I ordered online from the company before and the item/s usually come in the same week). I don’t know if the person who answered the phone recognized my voice, or if he wasn’t thinking straight when he gave me those answers. Why would I come to a store to order online? Why did I need to call on Wednesday? I asked if I came into the store and could show their online price was cheaper, could I get it for the online price, and the answer was no. So I wait now till Friday to get ready to work on my trike.

So I plan on transferring my Razor scooter equipment to my trike. And guess what? My charger broke! I’m not sure how, but I opened it up and it looked like something went totally wrong! Something looked like it leaked over all the insides. So it took about 3 weeks to get another charger (1) because I was trying to get it for cheap (2) because I was waiting for funds (3) it took about a week to get it after ordering. So I finally get the charger, and I have the charger with its short length cord plugged into the wall. My wife inadvertently trips over it and the bit that goes into the scooter pops off! The prongs were still connected to the charger’s cord, but the prongs have to go in a certain way. So I tried to guess how to plug it in. I think I charged it incorrectly, but the batteries had juice.

Riding it to work it seemed slower than usual, and I thought it was because I had tinkered with the scooter in the previous weeks and that the chain that I had slackened had to “regroup” itself. So at work I try charging the scooter, and I must’ve put the charger the wrong way because about two blocks up the road, the scooter got tired on me! I found out the chain fell off! So I went back into the school building and fixed the chain. I left off the area that covers the chain in case it fell off again (which did happen). Now riding back it sounds like the scooter got tired from the ordeal. I’m thinking it’s the chain again, but I remember it had that sound when I exhausted the battery on another sojourn. So it rode for some of the ride home. A 20 minute trip became a 45 minute trip! This had me think of putting pedals on the trike for just in case moments like that… (although I still have to see if the trike can ride with a friction based motor)…

Stay tuned…


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