Secrets for drilling!

I actually made 19 holes within an hour with a bad drill! It has nickel cadmium batteries. It takes about 4 hours to charge the drill. I consider it a miracle in my book that I made 19 holes in an hour! The drill usually drills only 8 holes and then quits on me after about a 4 hour charge. That’s more than 2 times the holes!

I have to drill 5 more holes and then assemble the trike again to see if it can support my weight.

On to what the subject of this post is about:

I have found the way to drill consistent holes through aluminum, and it is best to first drill with a small bit through a square tube and make sure that there is a hole on both sides of the tube. Then get a bigger drill bit and drill through the small hole. To make the drilling easier, pour a little cold water over the hole to drill a hole faster. When drilling, try to keep a steady hand, and I did this by looking at the drill bit and making sure it was at a 90 degree angle to the tube. It helps if you can see the second or bottom hole that you’re trying to drill with the bigger drill bit since you can enter the tip of the bit into the hole that was made by the smaller drill bit. This ensures that the holes are aligned for putting a steel rod straight through both holes. I noticed when I put the smaller drill bit with the V at a 45 degree angle that is tilted to the upper right, that the drill bit tended to veer to the left. With that knowledge, I was able to make markings that would allow me to put holes in the dead center of the square tube. I believe if I apply more pressure with the first spin of the drill bit, that would increase the probability of getting a hole dead center as well.


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