Successful test ride!

Today I was determined to ride my trike! I even thought I had the day off of work! After regaining my senses, I made sure that all the nuts and bolts were tightened so I wouldn’t have any accidents. During the testing, I noticed that one of the wheels weren’t turning. I did a little tuning up. Then the other wheel started acting up. I tuned it a little and found a big hill to go down to confirm what the trike could do. It was all or nothing today: either the trike would break, or it would ride! I tried pushing it down a decline and it didn’t seem to go to far. When I sat on it, one of the bottom nuts started scraping the ground. I’m glad a gentleman saw me and said my trike tires needed air. He even mentioned I could get air for free from a bike shop that was close by!

After getting the air for the tires, I found a hill (I live in the Bronx, there are hills galore!). I may not have chosen the best hill, but I wanted a place that had a decline with a decent sidewalk. I found one, but it had mini bumps in it. I had 2 test rides and I fell off of the trike both times because the seat kept flexing left and right. The steering is incredible and sharp! The trike picked up speed like you wouldn’t believe.

My theory of adding a bar for the wheel to be stable is confirmed. I thought I would’ve needed longer bars to sustain the wheel. I’m glad I don’t! Now the only thing remaining is making sure the seat is stable when driving!

I may have set a record with exclamation points!

Once I upload the video to Youtube, then I can put it here:


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