So close to completion!

Here are some pics of the prototype (please note that the next model would contain wood only for the seat, and 16 inch wheels).

Once I have the brakes and electric motor on, I plan on doing a material count to see all the materials necessary for the build, and also posting a ride on the trike. The one thing I do know now is that it is very beneficial to get donor bikes as the parts can be taken from them, I’m thinking even the brakes (it’s only a theory now since I had to buy brake calipers to try and use the Razor Scooter brake handle and wire). I wasn’t concerned about the brakes as I thought I would be able to stop with my feet, but I’ve experienced why there are brakes on bikes and people don’t stop their bikes like the Flintstones! It is possible to stop the trike with feet only, but it is only ideal if the trike is going straight. I had to pat the ground with my foot instead of doing a hard brake with my heels (that would cause an injury to the ankles and other parts if done continually and with high speeds).

I bought some brake calipers yesterday and have figured out how it should hook up to the Razor’s brake handle and wire. The wire has like a metal coating over it that makes it difficult to just pull out the wire and wrap around the caliper. If I would’ve known that, I would’ve just bought a donor bike!

Till next time…


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