Motor trouble…

So… I was trying to copy and get a motor arbor and have that rotate a cylindrical object to get the wheel to spin. I’m waiting for my skateboard wheel and grip tape (I don’t plan on getting anything from that ebay seller anymore. It’s now 6 days and the person/company didn’t even ship it out! I didn’t put free shipping! I’d rather pay for shipping than have to wait 3 weeks for something to come in!)… In the meantime, I figure I could see if I could come up with an alternative. So the motor arbor is way too big to put on the shaft! That got me to look back at and read through the comments. I noticed that the website states that a “spacer” was used to fill in the gap to enable the motor arbor to spin the correct way. When I had put the motor arbor on, it was spinning like an analog clock hand!

So I’m trying to figure out how to use the little motor shaft to make things easier (for me and future builders). I noticed putting a 3/8 nut on the shaft showed it to be almost the exact size. I may use that to my advantage. I want this project to be complete, but I’m focused on making a safe product. The friction based drive must be able to stay on without any problems. I noticed that a washer is missing that held the sprocket on with the nut. Not sure where it went… That washer seems important since that would hold my cylindrical object to the motor shaft with a nut. Now I have to figure out how to take the two connectors from the motor out of the connectors of the controller. The motor didn’t come with the plastic bits that protect the connectors and I’m a bit afraid of pulling them out with my bare hands (I tend to get rough with stuck objects…). I need to switch the connectors to see if the shaft would rotate the other way since how the motor is currently mounted, the nut that would hold my cylindrical object would come off after one spin of the motor’s shaft!

Now for the pics I promised in the last writing!:

I tried using a plastic yo-yo (from a discount store) to rub against the tires. It may sound crazy, but I know the circular part is strong. I tested it and it didn’t crack. I put some texture on by scratching the circumference of the yo-yo with a knife.  The sides (where writing or sticker of company logo usually is) of the yo-yo are thin and are easy to break. I even wrote down a list of possible items that can be used on the shaft/ motor arbor (adapter):

1)sink strainer    2)clothesline spreader  3)roller skate wheel  4)yo-yo  5)metal can (like a small sardine can)  6)shopping cart wheel  7)push cart wheel  8)toy block (cylindrical piece)  9)stroller wheel

I only had 4, but a few came to mind while typing…





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