Motor on but not working…

So I finally figured out a way to have the shaft hold the skateboard wheel and spin! The problem is the skateboard wheel is too one sided…

Here’s the pic:


I must center the skateboard wheel to rotate against the middle of the bike tire so there’s enough torque to move me while on the trike. I noticed the wheel wobbled away from the skateboard wheel on a couple of tries (freewheeling) after my unsuccessful ride. I don’t know if a nut got loose on the square tube holding the back tire. Soo close yet again…


Once I’m able to get the friction based drive working correctly, I can make the wires look neater (pics below). I just put the batteries and controller in the bag. The on/off switch is on top of the bag. I’ve come a long way, but I’m not satisfied till I can ride this thing with the motor. I’m thinking of making a new pedal system since this design doesn’t allow for the chain to go to the backwheel. I was thinking of making a device to pedal with the front wheels.

Pics of the trike below.DSCF2179DSCF2162DSCF2167DSCF2169DSCF2172


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