Motor and sprocket are on!

After many unsuccessful attempts of getting the sprocket and bike chain on, I finally have them on and working as a unit! I used self-tapping screws to attach sprocket to the back wheel’s hub. I was struggling with the alignment of the motor’s sprocket and the bike wheel’s sprocket. I thought because one of the chain’s links was not in the best condition, the chain was the problem. That was not the case. Once I had the motor’s sprocket and bike wheel’s sprocket aligned, it worked! I also have to mention that I needed to use the holes provided on the MY1016 motor in order to attach to a piece of wood. I drilled holes towards the center of the “hangers” and was using that hole, and the force of the spin was throwing the chain off the sprockets.

Below are pics of the attachment:

There’s also a video showing it in action!


New plan – chain based drive

So I’ve exhausted the idea of making a friction based drive to no avail, and now I plan on making a chain driven drive. I ordered the bike chain and sprocket earlier today, and now I have to wait. I tried to get the items locally, but I got an outrageous price. I was trying to use items from a Razor scooter (I got upset with myself since I didn’t fully strip the scooter I had by taking the chain and sprocket, but that was because I thought the friction based drive would work).

I went looking on craigslist for another cheap scooter, and thought I had found a chain based drive scooter, but it was belt driven! The guy I was to buy it from realized my mistake, and gave me some advice with getting the right chain and sprocket.

So now I’m trying to challenge myself to make a velomobile by March 15, 2016. The day is significant since there’s a bad connotation with the day (Julius Caesar). I also have started mentioning the Auguste law (where everything goes wrong but it’s made right).

Let’s see the outcome!