New plan – chain based drive

So I’ve exhausted the idea of making a friction based drive to no avail, and now I plan on making a chain driven drive. I ordered the bike chain and sprocket earlier today, and now I have to wait. I tried to get the items locally, but I got an outrageous price. I was trying to use items from a Razor scooter (I got upset with myself since I didn’t fully strip the scooter I had by taking the chain and sprocket, but that was because I thought the friction based drive would work).

I went looking on craigslist for another cheap scooter, and thought I had found a chain based drive scooter, but it was belt driven! The guy I was to buy it from realized my mistake, and gave me some advice with getting the right chain and sprocket.

So now I’m trying to challenge myself to make a velomobile by March 15, 2016. The day is significant since there’s a bad connotation with the day (Julius Caesar). I also have started mentioning the Auguste law (where everything goes wrong but it’s made right).

Let’s see the outcome!


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