Tri to Quad?

I’m noticing that it’s becoming strenuous to make this project a trike. A crazy saying even came to mind: if I can’t make this thing stand on one leg, I’m going to give it another. I had March 15 as a deadline for completing the trike as well as having a coroplast shell for it, but that’s not realistic. I had to change the rear of the trike since it wasn’t able to support my weight and utilize the electric motor. The modified rear is almost complete, and I still notice that the trike tilts upward from the back to the front. This shows that the weight distribution is not at a recommended “70-30″, but perhaps 90-10.

I already have an idea on how the quadcycle would look like and even have the pieces ready to cut and assemble. After one more try on making this a trike, I plan on converting it to a quadcycle. One problem is going to be that once it’s complete, people may think it’s a go-kart, and it’s not a go-kart. Another problem that may become an issue in the future is that there are no pedals. I don’t see anywhere to put pedals and a bike chain, unless I make some new construction for the bike chain to turn the front wheel, and be flexible enough to allow the front wheel to turn without breaking or unmounting from the sprocket. I have an idea of having a few sprockets that are aligned in different directions that pull chains in different directions. In NY, there is still the concern regarding electric motors on a bike, and as far as I know, a bike must have pedal assist and not be completely electric driven.

One last thought: I have a 26” wheel bike frame that I have sawn in two to be attached to square tubes in order to make another trike. I’m not sure if I should continue and make that into a trike. Well, like I say: One play at a time.

I made trike music, and so here are the lyrics to the rest of the “One play at a time” mentioned above:

One play at a time

Because the game is on the line

Everything will be fine

If you follow this rhyme.

One day at a time, one play at a time, one game at a time, because the game’s on the line.



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