Continuing with trike …

I’ve been busy within the past 15 days. I believe I found a solution to have the “leg” stand on its own. Now the problem is getting it to come to fruition. I have a video showing my progress below, but notice how the trike crawls.

In light of the video above, I am working on making a super stable structure to support the back wheel. The funny thing is, I thought I would be able to bang this project out (literally) by using #12 2″ self tapping screws. Those screws are strong! I had to figure out how to make them stay straight while using them because they can veer quickly and finish off on a diagonal! I want | and get / ( I want straight and get diagonal). If the screw goes on a diagonal, it shifts the square tubes I want to attach.

The drill that I was using (a Black and Decker NiCd) decided to quit on me today. I think the batteries are completely drained from working on the trike. I owe someone for the drill now… I bought “Genesis” (a 12 volt cordless LiOn) today from a hardware store in lower Manhattan and was excited when I was shown the power of it (the project continues). Then I used “Genesis” to make a few holes and was trying to figure out how it works (when I say works, I mean efficiently). I read the instruction manual, but there’s nothing like test trying. The battery is lithium ion which smokes nickel cadmium out of the water. After a few holes, it got tired on me too! I’m thinking a drill press is necessary for this project, but the whole point of the project is to be able to get anyone who has simple tools to make this trike. Maybe I need to learn how to make a drill press?

PS. I found a bike stroller by the side of a street! I grabbed it up quickly and now I have 2 16 inch bike wheels! These are the ideal wheels! I already made a design for the 16 inch wheel trike. I believe this is the ideal trike to make since the wheels aren’t that heavy and that would make for an easier build.


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