Tricks for trike work

Below is a picture of a ~7 inch steel rod with a hex nut and duct tape (the hex nut is used to measure the distance of the hub’s lip over the steel rod). Duct tape is very versatile and I plan on using duct tape and transparent tape as a sort of bearing. I put this rod through the hub of the bike wheel to imitate a bike’s axle with all of its pieces (like ball bearing, nut, washer, etc.). I want to ensure that my steel rod is able to support my weight, and therefore testing is needed. The steel rod is geared towards wheels that may be taken from scrap bikes to be used on the trike project.20160417_202237This is the drill (Genesis) that has been a great help! It’s 12 volts! 20160417_145439This is the hole that was put in the square tube by the drill. My trick is to put cold water on the area that I’m going to put a hole through. I believe the holes were placed through the square tube in under a minute! I even was able to drill those 1/2 inch self tapping screws with ease!20160417_145408


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