Electrifying trouble…

I had to make a few updates on the trike to enable it to use the mounted motor. The motor was off by like 1 or 2 degrees and I made the necessary adjustments. I’ve been testing the trike with the motor to have it move at the same speed as a Razor scooter would. I had my daughter who I believe weighs around 50 lbs ride it and it moved quickly. I even had my wife (who I believe is around 150 lbs) ride it to see the difference. My wife had success as the trike started to move faster as she moved down the hallway of my apartment building. I believe I’m around 180 lbs. I did a test ride in the hallway, and the trike moves at a walking pace. Tonight I plan on seeing if an idea I have (putting support under the seat) would help. If not, then back to the drawing board….


P.S. Once this trike is complete, I plan on making a trike just using the back of another bike and attaching square tubes to make another (and quicker) version of the trike. The trike I’m putting together now would be called 12 2 5 (twelve to five), because “it’s a part time thing”. The trike with the back of a bike would be called 1 2 4 (one to four).


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