Close to going on hiatus

I made an update to the trike that seems to better distribute my weight. I put tubes running underneath the trike running from the front of the trike to underneath the seat. I believe the motor and batteries are contributing to the back weight of the trike, and that caused me to make the alteration. Pic is right below.


I have been looking for a way to attach a sprocket to the hub of the backwheel successfully. Previously, I was able to use self tapping screws to attach the sprocket to the hub. The backwheel has a hub with a lip. This forced the screws to be on a diagonal. The sprocket wasn’t aligned properly to the hub, and caused the bike chain to pop off. My last idea is to buy two washers and attach one to the hub, and the other washer will be used to attach the sprocket and the other washer. The two washers and sprocket would be held with a self tapping screw. There would be a small gap between the two washers. Pic is below:

pic of attachment

If that works, then I have an electric trike. If not, I have to look for an alternative. I know the trike is able to hold my weight and steer. I tested it last night. Video is below:


In closing, I have two options ahead of me: either I change the place of the batteries to change the weight on the back of the trike (pending my idea above works), or I find another alternative to have the trike move with some other equipment. If I have to do the latter, I’m going to take a little hiatus (maybe one or two months).


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