The finished drift trike

I have opted to go on hiatus from my electric velomobile project till September. After finding no rest from continual labor on the project (it’s taken a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual toll on me), I have decided to leave it as a “drift trike” for the time being. I can only describe the feeling as exhilarating going downhills on the drift trike.

Now for the failures:

  • I have tried to make the trike a friction based drive (from watching, which failed miserably.
  • I have tried to make a chain based drive: the trike moved faster for my wife who weighs less than I do as well as for my 7 year old daughter. The problem with this trike is that the batteries (which equal close t0 20 lbs) and motor (about 5 lbs) were located towards the back of the trike, and seem to be putting an extra load on the motor. I weigh around 176 lbs and the trike was going about 3 miles per hour.
  • I have wasted money on materials that I thought would work…

Now for the successes:

  • I have found a way to use only hardware supplies to make a drift trike!
  • I have discovered that 1/2 rod is better to use than 3/8 rod.
  • I found a way to use a 3/8 drill bit to make a 1/2 inch hole!
  • I have learned to appreciate manufacturing.
  • I can make electric trikes for kids!
  • I have found the ideal wheel sizes of a trike (16″ wheels in the front, and 20″ in the back).
  • Got my wife on board the project (literally and figuratively)!
  • I have found the ideal self tapping screw size for the project is #12 1 1/2inch screws.
  • I have found a way to make 1″ square tubes super strong!
  • Pictures of the trike below!





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