“Tie” plate works!

So I was able to test my idea of putting a “tie” plate on the hub. It worked! I was able to get the sprocket to hold onto the “tie” plate so that the sprocket would be centered on the wheel.


The trike still can’t pull me along, so I plan on getting either another battery for torque, or a motor with more watts. I saw a motor on amazon with 500 watts. I hope that one works.



How about tie-plates?

I believe I’m destined to finish this trike this year! I’ve been bothered that I am on hiatus, and don’t have a working electric trike. Another idea came to mind, and I want to write it down for quick reference:

-Get a “tie-plate”

-Drill a hole that allows it to fit over hub lips

-Use self tapping screws to hold the plate secure to hub

-Use self tapping screws to hold the sprocket to plate