Hero in a half shell- velo power!

So I have put a semi shell on the trike. I’m missing the windshield. I wanted to test the aerodynamics of the trike with the shell. I was having technical difficulties with the electric motor, and so I went down a hill. It was a pleasure to ride this thing!


PS. I got a flat tire on the left side a day later(not sure why…) and my controller seems broken. I tried “shunting” it so that the 250w motor would suck all the juice out of the battery when I hit the throttle. The motor worked the night before the test ride in the day, but not in the day…

I also plan on changing the front tires to 16″ wheels to give it more height off the street. I was dragging the trike uphill with the back wheel and noticed that the front would drag. I also plan on replacing the 3/8″ rods with 1/2″ rods for the front wheels.



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