Pedal power problems…

I’m having trouble aligning the crankset with the sprocket on the back wheel. Once that’s completed, I’ll have a working trike for the people! It’s the People’s Trike! The problem at first was that it was hard to pedal! I felt like I was going to pull a hamstring muscle! I had to loosen the pieces that hold the pedals and chain ring. The force of pedaling causes a shift of the crankset.

In the picture right below, I thought I would use U bolts to hold the crankset to the trike. It doesn’t hold steady with my pedaling strength. I tried to use self tapping screws (#14) to hold the crank arm? as well. It seems something needs to hold the crank arm on the sides as well to keep it from shifting.


The picture below shows how I’m ensuring that the bike chain is fed to the chain ring and back wheel sprocket correctly (via PVC pipes). The back wheel “feed” is shown right below. Those two blue tubes are the key to keeping the crankset aligned.


Pictures of the chain feed from the middle to the back.


I’m getting there!

Here are pics of the trike in its totality.


Pedal power

I have been working on making a trike that has pedals for 2 reasons: 1) I’ve been seeing bikes up for grabs for cheap 2) It’s costly to figure out how to put an electric motor on the trike with LiPo batteries.

I found a bike and cut off the area where the crankset is and attached to my trike. I used self tapping screws to hold the bike’s crankset to the front of the trike. It seems it needs more self tapping screws since the crankset shifts when the pedals do about 2 revolutions. I have 3 self tapping screws in a part of the frame that is attached to the crankset (pics are below). I believe 2 or 3 more should solidify the crankset to the rest of the trike.

The bike chain rubs against itself and I tried to use PVC pipes to keep them from rubbing. I have to find a better method of having the PVC pipes from moving around so that the chain can slide through with ease.