I think this is going to work!

I was trying to assemble the trike and noticed that I was having difficulty doing so. I said to myself that I should pause and take pictures and find the best way of assembling the trike. I also have stopped trying to finish the trike in one day. Today I worked on the trike for about 105 minutes; around 30-35 minutes the first “session” then around 70 the second “session”. I’m working on a foldable table, so that goes to show anything can be used to make this trike!


The picture above shows the backend of the trike. The next version will have just two bars horizontally and one vertical bar. This version has 4 because I didn’t want to waste money on more tubes.


The pictures above from left to right show my process: I use my fold up table for work. I had to put a lot of square tubes under to give height to the trike so I could use a c clamp vertically (seen in second and third pics). I have the brass looking c clamp hold the correct position of the bars with a bar in between to keep the right 1 inch distance. I then put a piece of wood under the middle square tube so that the silver c clamp could hold the other piece I wanted to drill holes into. The process worked!

A quick note- the 3 square tubes that the brass c clamp is holding can be placed on the table first to make it easier to clamp them together.


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