Updates… up and up!

So much has happened that I’m going to the pics…

Going from left to right, I show the flimsy table that I’m using to complete this project. Since the weight of the trike shifts, I try to put the vertical square tubes through the hole in the fold up table to hold up the trike. I also noticed that if self tapping screws are used perpendicularly on the square tubes, the bond is stronger like the tubes were welded together. I drilled holes first and then used self tapping screws. The trike can stand vertically on its own! I have attached the back wheel (pic not shown) and have 3/8″ rods holding the wheel in.

I also started cutting square tubes and making “corner brackets”. I use a C clamp to hold a square tube and cut on a side so that the square tube looks like an L. I’m going to use them to hold the front wheels’ square tubes.


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