Old version trashed, new version exists!

The posted trike from the last blog failed miserably. I was unable to steer the trike, the “enclosed” right front wheel’s enclosure twisted almost like a pretzel! The front wheels were bearing the brunt of the weight and started bending. I had a blast riding it down a decline but fell off emphatically. The funny thing is I was by a fire station and a firefighter told me it wasn’t safe to be riding down the decline!

The one thing I missed about the last version was I was able to stop the trike with my feet. Regrettably the new version doesn’t allow my feet to touch the ground, forcing me to have some mechanism to stop me. I was only able to push myself off of a wall to see if it would support my weight, and it did! I weight about 176 lbs.

Here are pics of the updated trike. The bottom picture shows my “trike spindle” and it steers well. I felt inclined not to copy the XYZ spaceframe in regards to the steering since I failed before at it (My copy of it wasn’t good). My plan is to have the crankset on a stack of woodblocks that are on top of a square tube that acts as a “spine” (pic not shown, but should be in the next post…).


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