Quick update 5.17.17

I finally believe I have the chain aligned, but the front sprocket (cog)  looks a bit crooked. I went to a bike shop 2 times today to see if I could get the trike working. Ultimately I was told a derailleur may help.  I have that and plan on seeing if the derailleur makes the trike work. Pics below of progress (no added derailleur) :


First pic- I try to copy a bike and have back wheel slide in and out of trike.

2nd pic: have a screw holding backwheel arm.

3rd pic: shows process of making flat plate hold back wheel

4th & 5th pic: shows my clothesline chain guider

6th pic: I moved 2 vertical square tubes from inside to outside of frame.



PS. I am posting pics that I said I would from my last post:

The 1st 2 pics are the old version of holding the crankset. Pic 2 shows what happened when I tried to stop the trike by reverse pedaling (wood snapped in pieces)

The 3rd pic is what I currently have holding my crankset  (and it’s strong!).



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