Another epic fail…

I bought a 1/4″ x 3″ x 2′ thick flat bar and hand sawed 2 pieces to 4 ” and put 3/8″ round holes in both. I then cut a rectangular strip leading to round hole. I attached to trike and… one of the flat bars is too thick and not allowing the wheel’s sprocket to be in the correct position (pic below).20170728_200747

It took about 15 minutes to cut the thick flat bar by hand and close to 10 minutes putting a 3/8″ hole (per bar). Another pic to show the bike chain has a slight slant as well as a pic to show the flat bar I cut and drilled (pic below).

There’s a nut that is keeping the cog from being in the right position. I plan on making an “indentation” in the metal flat bar to allow the nut room to shift to the right and allow the wheel’s sprocket to align correctly by drilling in the flat bar with a drill bit. Perhaps I can use my round metal file to make the job easier…


P.s. I had to put the flat bars to enable the wheel to be latch on with nuts instead of with the wheel’s “handle”.


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